White Broadcast Bali Diffuser


Diffuser for perfume concentrate and essential oils. Air purifier Bali, composed of a round top in Acacia wood and elements in white ceramic. This topped tray is a natural diffuser offering a decorative way to spread the fragrances sustainably in the house. Ideal for embalming your spaces with your favorite scent! Use: - Ceramic parts spray with 6 or 7 perfume concentrate or essential oil spray. - Renew every 3 or 4 days. This product is sold unscented. You can use one of our perfume concentrates offered on our online shop. 100% natural diffusion: Our diffusers are ecological, reusable and sustainable products. Perfumeable to Infinity: You can perfume porcelain over and over again. Because sustainable objects are better for ecology and the planet! The Flower has been entirely handmade. ANOQ embodies its authenticity and the exclusive quality of a real product from craftsmanship.
Made in Thailand

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