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Bath Accessories

Bath Accessories

Elevate your bathroom with Whim House's exquisite bath accessories collection. Featuring elegant soap dishes, holders, trays, tumblers, and wastebaskets from premium brands like Blomus and Natural Habitat, this collection offers a range of materials and colors to suit any decor. Discover the perfect blend of style and functionality to transform your space.

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Sono Tumbler
Sono Tumbler Sale price$22.00
Sono Small Tray
Sono Small Tray Sale price$30.00
Sono soap dish
Sono soap dish Sale price$32.00
Sono soap dispenser
Sono soap dispenser Sale price$44.00
SONO Pedal Bin Wastebasket
Toilet Brush SONO
Toilet Brush SONO Sale price$60.00
Handcreme Key
Handcreme Key Sale price$13.00
Party Mini Tray
Party Mini Tray Sale price$16.00
Original Soap Lift
Original Soap Lift Sale price$6.00
Waterfall Soap Dish Set
Waterfall Soap Dish Set Sale price$12.00
Round A Bout Soap Lift
Round A Bout Soap Lift Sale price$6.00
Flower Yellow Pottery Soap Dish
Floral Blue Soap Dish
Floral Blue Soap Dish Sale price$22.00
Garden Green Pottery Soap Dish
Lotus Dark Blue Soap Dish
Lotus Dark Blue Soap Dish Sale price$22.00
Lotus Pond Soap Dish
Lotus Pond Soap Dish Sale price$22.00