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Vases & Bottles

Vases & Bottles

Elevate your space with our selection of gorgeous vases and bottles. We carry a wide variety of vessels from bud vases and watertight glassware, to ceramic jars and wooden containers. Whether you prefer function or decor, our pieces will be sure to be the perfect accent for your home.

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Gems Holder
Gems Holder Sale price$65.00
Dark Blue Knobby Ceramic Pots
Dark Blue Knobby Ceramic Pots Sale priceFrom $40.00
Carved Wooden Vases
Carved Wooden Vases Sale priceFrom $50.00
Vase Kindness Desert Sage
Vase Kindness Desert Sage Sale price$122.00
Rena Vase
Rena Vase Sale price$112.50
Medium Ivory Iron Vase
Medium Ivory Iron Vase Sale price$42.00
Medium Iron Vase Brass
Medium Iron Vase Brass Sale price$30.00
LONG Mole Vase
LONG Mole Vase Sale priceFrom $88.00
Jari Vase Off White
Jari Vase Off White Sale price$110.00
Iron Vase Silver
Iron Vase Silver Sale price$72.00
Darius Vase
Darius Vase Sale price$108.00
Valencia QUINCE Clear Glass Vase
Woven Willow & Metal Vase
Woven Willow & Metal Vase Sale priceFrom $72.00
Whitewashed Wood Carved Vase
Whitewashed Wood Carved Vase Sale priceFrom $138.00
Transparent Green Wire Wrap Bottle
Terracotta Pitcher
Terracotta Pitcher Sale priceFrom $42.00