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Vintage Silver Pavia Coin & Frame Dangle Earrings

Sale price$112.00

About the Designer:

During her travels across the globe, designer Briana Erin has collected antique coins from their native regions. She incorporates fragments and elements into her designs, creating wearable, historic treasures. The coins in her designs are reproductions or sections taken from the originals.

About the Piece:

24K Gold Plated huggies, Hoops are .75", Hammered texture, CZ clear crystal details, Dupré coin with pave CZ crystal bezel is .5", Pave frame coin dangle is removable, Two earrings in one

About the Coin:

The face on this coin is unknown, but the coin itself, the denarius, was the standard Roman silver coin from the second Punic War to the reign of Gordian III. The word “denarius” is derived from Latin and means “containing ten”, as its value was ten asses, (plural of as - bronze or copper coin of the Roman Republic & Empire). The denarius was the precursor to the penny. Minted approximately 269 BC.