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Vera Cluster Band

Sale price$74.00

The perfect everyday ring.  Perfect alone but pairs well with others.
- Peridot 7x5mm
- Opal 3 mm
- Amethyst
- Light Sky Blue Topaz
- 14K Gold filled band
- Brass Base

- Band thickness: 1.4 mm

Made in Thailand

MINETTE: Working directly with jewelers, we design and produce each of our beautiful collection. Inspired by sleek lines and classic styling, our jewelry is designed to be effortlessly paired for any occasion. Handmade or hand assembled, our collections come in limited production of high quality pieces made only from precious metals and natural semi-precious stones. OUR PLEDGE We pledge to never deal with sweatshops to produce our jewelry. Alternatively, we work directly with family owned jewelers to produce our one of a kind pieces.