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Small Salad Server Set

Sale price$24.00

Want to spark up the serving of salad, coucous or anything requiring a serving set?  We have the solution, our colorful serving set can be mixed or matched to our 9-Inch serving bowl. 

The bamboo bowls from Albert L. (Punkt) combine the modern and traditional world in dual ways.

Bamboo is a trendsetting eco-friendly resource as it is fast growing (about 10 times faster than a regular tree). It can be found almost all over the world and has been used for all types of products for thousands of years.

Our bowls are crafted following ancient handicraft skills but at the same time we are using modern designs and forms, inspired by west-nordic living trends. The result is a beautiful bamboo product in varied selected colors, finished with a high gloss lacquer.

Servers measures 10-Inches

We recommend hand washing.  Do not heat.