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Sea Foam Bath Soak

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Bring the old fashion apothecary therapies to a modern level.  Our amber 40 ounce Therapies Sea Foam Soak, 40 oz is PH balanced and nourishing for your skin.  The main ingredients are organic kelp and organic seaweed. Bring the benefits of salt water to your bath with this blend of sea salt, organic seaweed, and kelp. This soak perfectly captures both the scent and the rich mineral content of seawater.

Directions: Pour up to 4oz into a soaking tub filled with warm bathwater. Swirl the water for even distribution and soak for at least 15 minutes. Our 40 oz jar will provide you approximately 20 soothing soaks. 


Ingredients: Sea Salt, Organic Kelp, Organic Dulse Leaf, Organic Rockweed Algae, Organic Nori (Laver).

Made right here in the USA.