Origami Dripper


ORIGAMI is a very original, made in Japan ceramic coffee dripper. Its unique shape with 20 ribs secures the airway to stabilize the dripping speed. Testimonials say ORIGAMI makes coffee taste smooth and mild. ORIGAMI is dishwasher safe and both cone shape and wave paper filter are fit to pour over. ORIGAMI was born in the center of ceramic production in Japan with craftsmanship! ORIGAMI is not just a coffee dripper, but also a MUST-HAVE item in a kitchen, living room and office. Used by the World Barista Champion at World Brewer’s Cup 2019 ・

Dishwasher, microwave, oven safe

Made in Japan

Dimensions:  5.43in x H 3.43in (M size), Hole diameter: 0.98in (For 1-4cups)

Material: Porcelain

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