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Molly Black Aqua Mat


Mad Mats Molly Black Aqua Indoor/Outdoor Rug

Molly always is a happy choice from Mad Mats.  We love this Black & Aqua colorway that reads very blue.  It is one of our more popular choices of customers.  Perfect for poolside, the colors are subtle yet bright enough to offer a spark of interest.  Whether you call these circular motifs sunflowers, suns, or ameba, they are certain to keep you smiling. 

Turning Trash into Treasure.  This is an original Gold Standard Mad Mat, guaranteed to last, known for its high quality construction and superior materials. It is soft yet colorfast and resilient. The unique plastic formula incorporates state of the art UV protection.

The tubular threads used to weave the mat don't absorb water, dirt or stains of any kind.  Leaves, food,, doggie mishaps; they all rinse away with a garden hose.  Water drains through them quickly, so they don't mildew or rot wooden decking.  Walk on a Mad Mat after a rainy night and notice how clean it still looks and feels.  That's truly carefree.  Made of recycled polypropylene with polyester ribbon.

CARE:  Wash your Mad Mat in mild detergent to remove greasy dirt, otherwise it can be rinsed with a garden hose.  You do not need to take it in for the winter - just throw it down and that's it for the year!

Perfect for poolside, patio, porch, deck, doorstep, kitchen and/or mud room. 

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