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Hinza White Tote

Sale price$48.00

Hinza bags are made in Sweden and are both functional as well as environmental. The ergonomically designed bag is sturdy, waterproof.Practically useful for just about anything, our customers use our coveted Hinza bags as a purse, picnic bag, magazine holder, file folde, wine tote, champagne bucket, cooler for drinks, beach bag, farmer's market bag, gardening tote, bucket or doggie tote. The bags are durable, stable and easy to keep clean. 

The bags are also recyclable. The original bags were produced in the 1950s when consumer plastic was first developed.  Vintage Hinzas are coveted in Sweden, and many are still in use and can be found occasionally in vintage markets.

Small bag measure: 15-Inches high x 12.5-Inches long x 5.9-Inches wide, maximum weight 22 lbs.

Large bag measures: 16.5-Inches high x 17.3-Inches long x 7-Inches wide, maximum weight 33 lbs