Higuera Wood Bowl


Sorry, we are currently sold out of Higuera bowls, but we are working on securing a new and more reliable supplier.  If you are already on the waiting list, previous to May 1, 2023 (including those of you still waiting from last year) we have your information and we promise to let you know about bowl ordering as soon as we can.  We apologize for the lengthy delay which is frustrating (we know), but will be worth the wait.  Thank you!

This is the mother of all bowls.  Big, beautiful, and something to last you a lifetime.  Coveted by chefs, celebrities, influencers, and more, anything you put in this bowl has the wow factor. 

The bowls are carved by hand in a sustainably managed rainforest by indigenous Yanesha artisans in Peru. The trees are selected in a section of forest from a planned harvest. After the artisans use the tree stumps to make bowls, the forest will remain untouched for over 30 years. Once a section of forest is harvested the forest quickly sends up volunteer trees regenerating the area for the future.

The Yanesha artisans live in a very remote part of the Amazon, where life is still relatively primative and the closest village is several hours from their community.    Your purchase helps preserve these forests for generations and the indigenous communities that live there. Like all products originating from Mother Nature, every bowl is perfectly imperfect.

Variegations in color and markings are the unique history of the tree used. Light or dark, uneven patterns, dark spots, or streaks are not unusual. You may also see chisel marks from the artisans’ hand tools and find your bowl is slightly irregular in shape or around the rim. These are reminders of the craftsmanship in your finished product.


Medium 17-Inches across the top and approximately 6-Inches deep

Large 20-Inches across the top and approximately 7-Inches deep

Extra Large 24-Inches accross the top and approximately 8-inches deep. 


Maintain with food-safe oil, never soak in water 

Made in Peru

Albeit big these bowls are very easy to care for. Prior to using clean the bowl with a soapy (no detergent) sponge. Never soak your bowl in water. Rinse with a wet clean sponge and remove any soap on the bowl. Dry with a soft cloth. Condition the bowl before use (remember it has been on a ship for many weeks). Rub beeswax or food-safe wood conditioner inside and outside your bowl. Do not use too much and make sure to rub off any excess. The bowl should have a beautiful luster without feeling sticky.

After every use, clean with a sponge and towel try. Condition as needed.

Please note:  Due to the dimensional weight, there is a flat $34 shipping charge for these bowls to ensure they make it to your home safely.   



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