Coral 13 Teal Flower


It is like choosing your favorite child.  Each porcelain flower is true to itself.  This being said, the color and shape of this flower is certainly a contender for our favorite. 

The first collections were designed as cool tabletop decorations, similar to something we saw in Grandma's curio when we were kids.  We love using them as coffee table accent pieces; we mix them in with our terrariums and planters for extra color and texture amidst the foliage.

After a few collections, clever key-holes were added to the coral to easily hang any coral on the wall.  The wall art design ideas are innumerable, there is so much room for interior decorating creativity. Go full gluttony and create a massive installation in the living room over your couch. Run a wave of them down your foyer hall. Take an old picture frame and use it to frame in 3 or 5 pieces above your bed.


This caramel flower measures approximately 5.5 x 2.5-Inches tall. 

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