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Cleo Vinyl Mat

Sale price$175.00

For indoor and outdoor use, this beautifully woven vinyl rug will afford you years of durability. Horredsmatten has produced rugs since 1956.  Originally made from shredded raincoats (innovators of repurposing), these mats are now woven of phthalate-free vinyl.  

A Horred rug has been carefully designed and woven from a craftsmanship tradition passed down from generation to generation. And it’s this unique knowledge and love of the craft that we weave into the two perpendicular thread systems as they intertwine to create the weaving. This results in a sustainable, durable, and functional rug having a distinctive aesthetic. These contemporary rugs also have a welded edge on each short side instead of the traditional tassels.

This style of rug measures 28 x 60-Inches

Made in Sweden of phthalate-free vinyl with high UV protection.

Sustainable and easy to care for. 

All of these materials are REACH certified, meaning the rugs don’t contain hazardous substances. The plastic material comes from the neighboring company Gislaved Folie, which is extremely environmentally aware. They were environmentally certified in 1997 under the ISO 14001 act and has signed the world’s first environmental program for PVC products.