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Blue Used Books By the Foot

Sale price$55.00

Calling all biblophiles who love to color classify your shelves.  We sell books by the foot (or increments there of) for you to show between bookends, stack horizontally on a table, or fill space anywhere.  We have seen some pretty clever and artistic installations. It is up to your imagination to take you to new decorating heights.  

Because this is a reclaimed product, we cannot guarantee any particular titles, age of book, size or thinkness.  You must enjoy these as the perfectly inperfect style for which they are presented.  

We stock White/cream, Grey, Green and Blue books, but we can order anything your heart desires: Black, Pink, Navy, Yellow, Dark Grey, Orange, Purple, Red, Brown, Maroon, and Rainbow by the foot.  For special orders, you must order a minimum of 1 foot per color.  Call our store for special orders during normal business hours (925) 718-5533 and we can help you put together a great assortment for your space.