When will my bread be ready?

Our weekly bread delivery is scheduled for every Friday, and will be ready to pick up during our normal business hours 10 to 6.  The cut off for ordering bread is every Monday at 12 noon.  

How do I order​ bread?  Available loaves for the week will be up on our website for pre-ordering.  If you see a "sold out" banner on the bread type, this means we are not offering this particular bread for this week.  You may also pre-order at our store, located at 485 Hartz Avenue, Danville, California. 

If I forget to order, will you have extra loaves?  Yes, we plan to sell a small amount of additional of loaves each week, first come, first serve.  The best way to have bread is to sign up for our month subscription.  We will remind you when your subscription is going to expire. 

What happens if I cannot pick up bread during regular store hours?​ Add a note when you are checking out online​ or give a call ahead and we will try and make arrangements with you. ​​​


How do I keep my loaves fresh?   Baguettes are a 1-2 day bread, meaning they are best enjoyed within 24-48 hours. we recommend you keep the loaf sealed in the bag provided, letting no air enter. Loaf-wise, also utilize your bag to keep fresh. If you'd like to enjoy it a little bit at a time, we recommend cutting it into slices and freezing the slices. If you want to enjoy the loaf as a whole at a later point, place the entire thing in the freezer, in an airtight plastic bag. When you remove from the freezer, you can revive the loaf by heating it to 350 degrees in an oven for 5-10 minutes, until the crust is as crackly as you prefer. 

What if I've signed up for a month subscription, and I'm gone one week and can't pick up my bread?   Please e-mail us as prior to our Monday cutoff and we will push your subscription out a week.

What if I forget or I'm sick; can I pick up the next day?  We'll call you by the end of Friday, if you haven't picked up your bread.  However, no dough will be refunded on unclaimed bread. If we haven't connected with you by end of day Friday, we will hold your bread until noon on Saturday. It's up to you to remember your bread!

Bon Appetite​!