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Personal Care

Personal Care

Curated for your daily rituals, our personal accessories area of our shop is geared towards wellness.  We strive to offer natural ingredients and functionality above all other inherit qualities. Pamper, relax, and renew. You deserve it!

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Elegance Body Butter
Elegance Body Butter Sale price$45.00
Dream Shea Butter Handcreme
Dream Bubble Bath
Dream Bubble Bath Sale price$65.00
Dream Body Butter
Dream Body Butter Sale price$45.00
PS -Sweet Almond 2-Bar Soap Set
PS - Sweet Almond Liquid Soap
PS - Sweet Almond Lotion
PS - Sweet Almond Lotion Sale price$28.00
PS - Apricot 2-Bar Soap Set
PS - Apricot Liquid Soap
PS - Apricot Liquid Soap Sale price$20.00
PS - Apricot Lotion
PS - Apricot Lotion Sale price$28.00
PS -Bergamot 2-Bar Soap Set
PS - Bergamot Liquid Soap
PS - Bergamot Liquid Soap Sale price$20.00
PS - Bergamot Lotion
PS - Bergamot Lotion Sale price$28.00
PS - Vetiver 2-Bar Soap Set
PS - Vetiver Liquid Soap
PS - Vetiver Liquid Soap Sale price$20.00
PS - Vetiver Lotion
PS - Vetiver Lotion Sale price$28.00