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Pantry Items

There is always something so food fabulous introduced to us, we cannot pass on sharing it with our customers. Whether it is a seasoning or specialty sweet, we find these "add ons" to our core offerings are just the thing to complete the thought on entertaining and giving. Enjoy!

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Magic Unicorn Salt
Magic Unicorn Salt Sale price$10.00
Italian Black Truffle Salt
Potato Salad Salt
Potato Salad Salt Sale price$10.00
French Picnic Salt
French Picnic Salt Sale price$10.00
Ramen Seasoning Blend
Ramen Seasoning Blend Sale price$16.00
Popcorn Seasoning Blend
Popcorn Seasoning Blend Sale price$16.00
Raw Honeycomb
Raw Honeycomb Sale price$18.00
Sold outBlue Cheese Sea Salt
Blue Cheese Sea Salt Sale price$9.00
Natural Smoked Sea Salt
Natural Smoked Sea Salt Sale price$9.00
Sold outExtra Fancy Veggie
Extra Fancy Veggie Sale price$10.00
Burlap Bag of Popcorn
Burlap Bag of Popcorn Sale price$6.50
Rosemary Sea Salt
Rosemary Sea Salt Sale price$10.00
Chocolate Honey Swirl Sugar
Sweetie Pie Chai Loose Leaf Tea
Sold outPiper Mint Blues
Piper Mint Blues Sale price$26.00
Sold outOrchard Peach Loose Leaf Tea