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Vintage Silver Molat Necklace

Sale price$285.00

About the Designer:

During her travels across the globe, designer Briana Erin has collected antique coins from their native regions. She incorporates fragments and elements into her designs, creating wearable, historic treasures. The coins in her designs are reproductions or sections taken from the originals.

About the Piece:

Custom "horse bit" detail, Black diamond Swarovski crystals on bezel, 29mm / 1.25” Justin II double sided Roman coin, Lobster clasp

About the Coin:

Justin II, nephew of Justinian I and Empress Theodora, a member of the Justinian Dynasty. He was the Eastern Roman Emperor from 565-574 AD and is best known for his participation in the war with the Sassanid Empire and subsequent loss of the greater part of Italy. During his reign, he discontinued the tradition of buying off enemies and paying for truces. This led to two disastrous campaigns and the eventual loss of his mind. The back of the coin shows Justin II and wife Sophie seated at a double throne. Bronze follis minted 571-572 AD.