Thick Cork Iceberg Trivet


These thick hot pot stands in natural cork provide substantial protection to your work surface and to your table stopping the formation of "heat rings". Natural cork provides excellent insulating properties allowing you to put down dishes and pans straight off the hob or out the oven without fear of damage to your surfaces. The hot pot stand also protects against accidental spillage.

 Small measures 7.75 Inches

Medium meaures 9.75 Inches

Large measures 11.75 inches

THICKNESS is .75-Inches 

CARE INSTRUCTIONS Wipe clean with a damp cloth to remove any food particles or light stains. An occasional scrub with a dish brush will remove any stubborn deposits. "Quercus suber" The cork oak tree is covered in thick, knobby bark that was probably developed for forest fire survival. This is where the cork comes from.

Made in Portugal

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