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Teddy’s Travels is the perfect way to introduce children to planes, trains, and automobiles.


In this delightful reproduction of a mid-century classic, the main character, Teddy, travels by bicycle, by car, by boat, and by plane. Through the various ups and downs of these voyages, Teddy discovers that there is no place like home.

Teddy’s Travels is a great book for small children to take on family trips to help them understand travel (and the importance of patience while traveling) in a fun and informative way. This board book is durable, which means it is ready to handle all locomotion young travelers may experience on their journeys! Featuring a die-cut shape with foil accents, this is the latest title in the Laughing Elephant’s best-selling series of shape books.

Teddy’s Travels is an exciting way for children to recognize different forms of travel. With the engaging illustrations and plot, Teddy’s Travels is sure to turn children into willing globe-trotters!

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