Tartan Vase Mint


After years on the design table at HQ, Tartan finally sits proudly in our range as the biggest and heaviest of our home decor vases. But don’t let its machismo detract you! After designing so many little guys, we thought it was time to give some deserved attention to large floral vases. With its wonderful tactile texture and more classic sized mouth opening, this is the perfect piece to make a real powerful impact on your dining table or window ledge in the bathroom. 

This tube shaped glass vase is the pretty much ultimate showcase for multiple flowers, whether it’s an apologetic bunch or showpiece effort for your special event or guests. Home decor vases can often underwhelm without flowers, but this is a stand alone powerhouse of Scottish connotations which won’t disappoint. As large floral vases go, Tartan is a real Braveheart which can take a lot more than a little thistle! 

Tartan is 5.5" in diameter and 9.5" tall.

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