Sweet Almond Provence Sante Bath Salts


Bath salts have been used for centuries because they are believed to help purify the skin. Just pure sea salts and the same natural fragrance that's in Provence Santé Sweet Almond Soaps. A delicate fragrance that's fruity and sweet with an almost powdery finish. No colors, no fillers, no foolin'.

As you run the water for a bath, 2 tablespoons of lavender bath salts and take a deep breath as the fragrance fills the room. Don't have a bathtub? Bath salts are also a great room deodorizer, just leave them in a decorative jar with the top off for a subtle scent all day long.

Top Notes: Sweet Almond Flowers

Middle Notes: 

Bottom Notes: Powder

20 ounces - 8-10 fragrance filled soaks

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Parfum (Fragrance)

Made in Provence 

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