Seaside Bath Box


Let all you worries wash away with the Seaside Bath Box. 

Cleanse you mind and body by drawing a warm bath using the Sea Foam Bath Soak, which is PH balanced and nourishing for your skin.   Bring the benefits of salt water to your bath with the blend of sea salt, organic seaweed, and kelp. This soak perfectly captures both the scent and the rich mineral content of seawater.  The sisal sponge is the perfect compliment,  providing a gentle exfoliating experience with a cellulose sponge core for abundant lather.  The cleansing and pampering ritual is completed by the tantalizing texture of the super absorbent and soft garment-washed waffle-weave towel.

Sea Foam Bath Soak, 40oz. Jar

Sisal Sponge

Patara White Hand Towel

Provence Sante Guest Soaps, Asst.

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