Rustic Bath Box


Bring the old fashion appothecary therapies to a modern level with this rutic bath offering. 

Start by drawing a warm bath using the Alpine Milk Bath Soak, which is PH balanced and nourishing for your skin.  The main ingredients are milk powder and vanilla.  The naturally occurring acids in milk help to exfoliate the skin and lighten dark spots while the mineral-rich sea salt, softening sodium bicarbonate, and soothing vanilla to enhance the bathing experience.  The sisal sponge provides a gently exfoliating experience with a cellulose sponge core for abundant lather.  You can complete the pampering ritual with the 100% linen waffle towel.

Alpine Bath Soak, 40oz. Jar

Sisal Sponge

Timika Cimarron Washed Linen Hand Towel 

Provence Sante Sweet Almond Guest Soap

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