Pure Gold Box


This box is the bees knees! 

Starting with the stunning 24K plated gold bee Julie Vos stud earrings, which are whimsical and elegant all at the same time.  These earrings are sure to attract compliments like pollen to the bee.  Add to the buzz the delicious Pure Clover Honey domestically made by Bumbleberry Farms.  The pure clover honey is bottled in a 16oz corked glass jar reproduced from an 1800s honey jar--perfect for upcycling! And to finished off the vintage vibes the bottle is capped with dipping wax.  Last but not least, a glass Beehive Honey Jar, made of high-quality glass, which is durable and for better honey preservation. The transparent glass design makes it easy to see how much honey is left in the pot. 


Honey Bee Julie Vos Stud Earrings

Beehive Honey Jar

Pure Clover Honey

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