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Pontarlier Without Facet Absinthe Glass

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Perhaps today's most popular antique absinthe glass is the legendary Pontarlier glass. While there slight variations of the glass, this style is considered the quintessential traditional Pontarlier absinthe glass.

The glass was originally named after the it appeared in an advertisement for the number one absinthe producer of its time, Pernod Fils. The print featured the brand's hometown newspaper from Pontarlier, France (see photo below). Because the company was so popular, the print was sent all over France, only adding to the brand recognition for Pernod Fils and the Pontarlier glass.

This glass is made in the same proportions as an original Pontarlier glass, including its reservoir. The reservoir is area used to measure the amount of absinthe to be used for a glass. This was intended to aide the bartender in a bar setting, by knowing the correct amount of absinthe to pour and, it helped the customer know it was an honest pour. The reservoir size generally correlates with the size of the glass being used. The reservoir measures 25 ml (.8 oz), which is standard for an absinthe glass of this size.

This is a molded, machine made glass, so it is thick and solid - ideal for heavy duty use in a bar or restaurant.


  • Machine molded glass.
  • Measures 3.375" (8.6 cm) in diameter x 5.25" (14.6 cm) in height.
  • Glass holds 9 fl oz (26.6 cl).
  • Reservoir holds approximately .85 fl