Mist Vase Tall


The Mist collection is part of our large scale home décor vases; it comes in two sizes so this glass vase for flowers will cover whatever space you have that is just begging for a touch of the dramatic. Large scale, high-end hand blown glass vessel, an absolutely beautiful piece of glass, the Mist collection was designed to have people talking. This is one of those home décor vases that will have people stop in their tracks to admire it. Perfect for that large event space that needs an extraordinary vessel to hold whatever extraordinary flower you can find to fill it.

This glass vase for flowers isn’t going to overpower your flowers but it’s not going to stay in the shadows either. The unique fade from the white to clear glass adds that touch of class that we all want to see. The size and shape allows you to fill it with those large flowers you’ve been too afraid to buy.

Dimensions:  6" in diameter and 16.5" tall.


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