Mexican Citrus Juicer


Starting your day with a cup of freshly squeezed juice starts your day on the right foot. Knowing that the juice is squeezed using a beautifully handcrafted juicer, made of recycled aluminum by talented Mexican artisans just can't be beaten. The beauty of the small imperfections is the essence of handmade artisan work, and sure to catch some eyes and spark conversation. Whether you're partial to naval orange juice, a lemon spritzer, or maybe even a mimosa (on the weekends, of course), this artisan citrus squeezer will have you covered. Of course, you'll be covered for margarita happy hour as well.

Artisans make each and every juicer made by hand of 100% recycled aluminum. The juicers are individually cast in sand, ground by hand, and then hand-polished. Then, handed to you with care.

You’re going to want to clear your countertop for this beauty. This small hand juicer is popular in markets all over Mexico. It extracts every drop of juice, while the strainer catches seeds and pulp. The simple, sturdy beauty will be the source of delicious juices for drinking, cooking, and cocktails for decades

Authentic Citrus Juicer in Gift Box Booklet includes history, recipes, fun facts, and cleaning instructions.

Height: 13.75". Width: 10.25". Depth: 6.26".

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