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For all our Manhattan cocktail lovers, we at Whim House have the perfect gift box, full of the tools and ingredients needed for the perfect drink. Our Whim Box is a charming, carefully curated gift set. We'll ship this anywhere in the continental United States for free. Whomever the recipient, they will remember this and you for all time.

2 Afina Ribbon 10 Oz Whiskey Glasses: dishwasher safe, shatter resistant, and wide enough to fit our ice spheres.

Ice Spheres: Ice chills faster, dilutes less, and lasts longer when it takes the form of a perfectly clear sphere. Chill your Manhattan the best way with our ice spheres.

Orange Bitters: A bright and full flavor, made with a whole fresh orange, for a more inspired Manhattan.

Smoked Old Fashion Cocktail Cubes: Real cane sugar infused with orange that will vivify our included Orange Bitters.

Bourbon Cherries: These  cherries, infused with renowned Woodford Bourbon, are sure to make your Manhattan extra special.

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