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Love Letter Chocolate Box


There are love letters, and then there are chocolate love letters.  Neuhaus Chocolate makes this limited edition box of assorted chocolates for you to make a lasting impresssion.  The Love letter box 2022 is a limited edition of 15 perfect hearts.  Truly, one of the finest chocolates produced.  


In 1912 Jean Neuhaus Jr. made history at the first Neuhaus boutique, which was and still is located in Brussels’ prestigious Galerie de la Reine. It was there he had the idea to fill his chocolates with delight, and so the original Belgian praline was born.

What does it take to be a Royal Warrant Holder? This proud distinction represents the ultimate sign of trust bestowed upon only a handful of the most well-regarded Belgian companies upholding the standards of excellence making it worthy to wear the Royal Warrant Holder Seal. Selected by the King and Queen of Belgium, the designation is a privilege and honor, as well as a commitment to excellent service.

Jean Neuhaus was a Swiss with Italian roots. When he arrived in Switzerland, Jean's family changed its name from "Casanova" to "Neuhaus". He wanted to become a doctor to help people and so he went to study medicine in Grenoble. He failed twice, mainly because he could not bear the sight of blood. He then moved and settled in Brussels in 1857. In the same year, he opened a pharmacy in the prestigious Queen's Gallery. To delight his customers, Jean Neuhaus covered his medicines with a fine layer of chocolate.

To delight his customers in the apothecary, Jean Neuhaus first thought about covering medicines with the finest chocolate. In 1912, his grandson evolved this idea into the Belgian praline as we know it today: chocolate filled with delight instead of medicine.

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