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Lovavacado - Whim Box


Calling all lovers of avocado: the taste, the texture, the color. Ohh the joys of eating or having avocado in your daily rituals.  For you, our Lovavacado friends, we have a Whim Box chock-stock full of our favorite Persea Americana (that's Latin, folks) pieces from our store, Whim House.  This box includes just about everything except the fruit itself.  

  • Posh Toast - With 70 fabulous recipes including the all-mighty avocado toast, this cookbook will have your tongue dancing. We've tried many of the recipes and there just isn't enough time in the day to eat all our favorites.  
  • Everything But The Avocado - It's not cheating to go straight to toast without always using the cookbook.  For your fix-it-fast mornings we have the blended savory and slightly garlicky spices that make your avocado toast stand to attention.  Our 2 oz tin has a magnet on one side, to keep it within reach of the stove. 
  • Avocado Hugger - Should there be anything leftover, we have you covered 2X (large and small sizes).  These clever and irreplaceable avocado savers keep your half (with our without the seed) covered for the next avocado-extravaganza.  
  • Avocado Bar - When you have finished all your noshing you can clean up with the perfect avocado shaped soap.  But wait...there's more.  It is made with avocado oil.  Now that is worth a nice long suds. 
  •  Petite Plate - Simple yes, but oh so functional.  Our 4.5-Inch plate can be used as a soap dish, spoon rest, or coaster.  We are always looking for a little multipurpose something for this and that.  

Our Whim Box is a charming, carefully curated gift set.  We'll ship this anywhere in the continental United States for free. Whomever the recipient, they will remember this and you for all time. 


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