Lacroix Glass Carafe


This mouth-blown carafe was inspired by similar pieces found in bars and bistros throughout Europe in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Carafes generally sat on bistro tables and were commonly used by the customer in preparing their own drink, particularly in the making of an absinthe. Besides being used to hold water, these carafes were also popular promotional and marketing tools used mostly by alcohol manufacturers.

Using a carafe to add water to an absinthe was the most common method of preparing a traditional French/Swiss absinthe during the Belle Époque. The correct technique is to slowly, pour or drip the water onto the sugar cube until has completely dissolved from the spoon, and fallen into the glass of absinthe.

Adding water to absinthe by carafe was the most utilized method of preparing absinthe in the days of pre-ban absinthe (before 1915).  The correct technique is to slowly pour/drip iced water until the sugar has completely dissolved from the spoon.

Text/image in loop carafes magnifies when water is added, hence the name "loop," like a jeweler's eye-piece.

Carafes stand 9-Inches tall and hold approximately 25 fl oz. 

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