Demerara Syrup


Raw sugar in a Demerara style makes a rich, caramelly sweet syrup perfect for an Old Fashioned. High sugar content allows us to avoid perservatives and you to use less. Use in place of simple syrup any time you want a richer flavor.

Each 250 ml (8.4 oz) bottle contains approximately 16 servings.

Want to make one of the most refreshing gin drinks around? Gin Mint Smash will take your gin game up a notch or two.

Gin Mint Smash 

2 oz gin
1 oz fresh lemon juice
.75 oz Raft Demerara Syrup 
10 mint leaves
Mint sprig for garnish

Muddle mint leaves with lemon juice and demerara syrup. Add ice and gin and shake. Strain into a tumbler with ice. Garnish with a mint sprig.

This drink is just as tasty with fresh basil, tarragon, thyme, or even cilantro.

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