Chipotle Coffee Peanut Pura Macha


Chipotle + coffee + peanut is affectionately known as the red eye around Masienda HQ. A fiery blend of chipotle, Morita, and pasilla chiles have a cup of coffee with some peanuts. By far the spiciest of the three, we especially spoon this on all meats (and, we mean all), roasted yams, carrots, and portobello mushrooms

Literally translated as “brave salsa” (a reference to the spice level of some, not all, recipes) salsa macha is an oil-based chile condiment, traditionally prepared with some combination of chiles, nuts/seeds, spices and dried fruits. From the traditional salsas machas across Mexico, to the chili oils of China and Southeast Asia, to “XO” sauce in Hong Kong and rāyu in Japan, oil-based condiments can be traced to cultures from all over the world. We’re stoked to present our own take on the staple, from two of our very own at Masienda–handmade in Los Angeles, of course. We spoon Pura Macha onto masa dishes like tacos, quesadillas and tamales, as well as pizza, salad, roasted vegetables, noodles, beans, rice, pasta, yogurt, bread and butter, to name just a few. Welcome to the everything condiment. 

9 ounces
Made in Los Angeles, California 

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