True Gold Honey, Inc

California Wildflower Honey


This  honey embodies the beauty and sweetness of our Golden State. It is a shimmering jewel in a jar, the color a luminous golden glow and the flavors full-bodied & distinctive, with a balanced blend of fruity and spicy.  Harvested from the colorful and abundant flowers growing wild in the foothills, our California Wildflower honey is honey perfection.  

Tastes like candy with a kick!”

This harvest is very special to us, as it reflects nature’s ability to overcome hardships and find new ways to prosper and thrive. It was collected by our bees where the wildfires had ravaged the hillside the prior year. Many of the plants were burned off and will take years to re-establish; allowing space and sunlight to reach a multitude of small wildflowers that filled the void and bloomed, carpeting the burnt and scorched earth with a profusion of color. This is where our bees spent their days, spreading pollen from plant to plant and bringing the nectar back to create this blend of flavor and hope~

12 oz

True Gold is owned by mother-son duo Sarah and Tyler Sample, 3rd and 4th generation beekeepers. All our honey comes from our bee farm, Sample Family Apiaries. We constantly monitor our hives, ensuring they are healthy, strong and safe, so our bees can focus on the important work of pollinating and making honey. We harvest our honey by hand to keep it as raw and pure as possible, using sustainable practices to reduce waste and keep our impact on the earth to a minimum. All so you can enjoy honey that bursts with local flavor and has all its natural benefits intact.

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