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Bottle Garland


Design Ideas Bottle Garland.

There may be a thousand things to do with our bottle garland. Bottle Garland is 6 feet long and includes 12 small bottles that will hold flowers to brighten a window, enlighten patio conversation when strewn under a table umbrella, or add a spark of color to the dining table or porch to greet friends at the front door. Loops at the end allow it to easily hang vertically, horizontally or swag between two corners. The bottle vases are repurposed bottles that would otherwise be discarded and have been thoroughly cleaned and steamed. Galvanized wire is pliable and highly corrosion resistant; suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Let your imagination loose, and decorate your space. Made in Thailand.

Bottles measure 1.25 x 1.25 x 2.3 on a 6-foot galvanized wire. Clean with water and a soft cloth as needed.

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