Bloody Mary Rimmer Spicy Dill Pickle


If you are into Pickles, this is the rimming salt for you. With its tangy, bold flavor - Devil Daves Spicy Dill Pickle Bloody Mary rimmer will surely deliver the heat. We use granules of dried Habenero, dehydrated dill pickle, bamboo jade seas salt, garlic and citrus. Lightly dust the rim of your glass and pour your mixed Bloody in! The salt stays nicely on the rim and lightly melts away as you savor the flavor. Use it as a Pickle brine for fried chicken recipes. You can also encrust fish and meats with it! Get creative - This is the best rimming salt. This rim salt is Vegan and Gluten-Free as well! Great for any salted rim on a Bloody Mary! Bloody Mary Pickleback Shots - OMG YASSS.

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