True Gold Honey, Inc

Avocado Honey


This honey has attitude. Gathered from california avocado blossoms, its flavors are rich, bold, and buttery with a hint of molasses. The color can be a dark smoky quartz or a shimmery bronze. The bold flavors make this honey a cook’s favorite as it enhances recipes and is wonderful in dressings and sauces. Avocado honey is also fantastic for your skin. Use it as a face wash and mask. Pure raw honey.

12 oz

True Gold is owned by mother-son duo Sarah and Tyler Sample, 3rd and 4th generation beekeepers. All our honey comes from our bee farm, Sample Family Apiaries. We constantly monitor our hives, ensuring they are healthy, strong and safe, so our bees can focus on the important work of pollinating and making honey. We harvest our honey by hand to keep it as raw and pure as possible, using sustainable practices to reduce waste and keep our impact on the earth to a minimum. All so you can enjoy honey that bursts with local flavor and has all its natural benefits intact.

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