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150 Hotels You Need to Visit


Hotels continue to appeal to the imagination. The sector re-invents itself time and time again and sets the limits for the ultimate overnight stay. But which hotels offer you a once in a lifetime experience? This book lists the ultimate top 150 hotels, compiled by travel and lifestyle journalist Debbie Pappyn. All hotels guarantee a unique experience: a unique view or location, the incredible luxury or inimitable charm, the sophisticated design, the service or simply manta rays and sea turtles swimming under your bed... Debbie Pappyn visited more than 1000 hotels. She draws from her own experience, adds her ultimate wish list and gives you the reason why you have to stay there. This is the ultimate 'bucket list hotel guide' and the sequel to the successful 150 Bars You Need to Visit before You Die, ISBN 9789401449120, and 150 Restaurants You Need to Visit Before You Die, ISBN 9789401454421.

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