Petal Pushing

Coral Blush Tablecloth


Petal Pushing Coral Blush Hand blocked tablecloth.

With vibrant yet mellow shades of orange and peach, Coral introduces an aquatic flair to our spring collection. Indigo motifs provide an exquisite contrast to these lighter undertones, capturing the kaleidoscope of colors beneath our seas.

True to our motto of “it’s easy being green,” Coral is 100% all-natural, earth-given, and hand-made. Each color is created from sugars, flowers, and bark; each dye aged underground to perfection; each fabric prepared with rice starch and sunlight!

Sizes Available:

  • 60 x 60-Inch 
  • 60 x 90-Inch
  • 68 x 110-Inch
  • 90-Inch Round

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